the jacobs

The gorgeous buyers advocate (you may have seen her in this years season of THE BLOCK) and her three girls (twins included in the mix) met us at the Brighton baths...

Partially an assignment for new corporate head shots, part family shoot - to be staged in three parts :)

Part one. Brighton baths. Bayside being their hood. After a fun meet and greet with the four beautiful girls, and a much needed morning coffee, Brighton baths didn't give us all that much joy - with limited access and then a pier undergoing works!

Part two. Brighton bathing boxes. Famous. Ever fabulous. Fun in the sand and all of us getting very patriotic in front of the Aussie flag box :)

Part three & four saw us heading to Jardin Tan for drinks and meet up with hubby/daddy :)

Chatting the morning away at this gorgeous venue could unfortunately, only last so long - and we were quickly off to the shrine of remembrance.

This magnificent staple in the melbourne cityscape always delivers! It is a divine backdrop and also provides the most spectacular views back into melbournes main artery - swanston street.

We could have spent all day rolling down the grassy slopes and making wishes on dandelion flowers with these lovelies - Thank you gorgeous Jacobs family ❤